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The heart of the myGEKKO technology
is the software -
the myGEKKO operating system
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myGEKKO Building Controller
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User Interface
The myGEKKO User Interface -
Access level for operators,
technicians and maintenance
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myGEKKO is the technology, consisting of software and hardware, which automates and digitalises buildings in one step.

myGEKKO connects all devices of a building, combines control and optimises processes. Heating, ventilation and shading systems thus work hand in hand and provide significantly more comfort while saving energy.

Product catalogue myGEKKO

Discover many new products and services in the new product catalogue.

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The heart of the myGEKKO technology is the software - the myGEKKO OS (Operating System)

The myGEKKO OS is the proprietary operating system already pre-installed on the myGEKKO controllers, with which any digital building can be realised.

1. System elements

The smallest component of the myGEKKO operating system consists of the system elements. Lighting, shading, ventilation, room control, electrical devices or energy managers - these are only some of the elements which can be controlled with myGEKKO and combined with each other as desired.
The special feature of myGEKKO is that all elements are brought to a common, standardised level and are identical in terms of operation, control and parameterisation.

Example: System element Light

The intelligent light control with myGEKKO offers a wide range of functions:
  • Weather and time-dependent light control
  • Central light control
  • Light control via scenes
  • Manual light control via button/display
  • Light control via motion detector
  • Event-driven light control (e.g. on activation of alarm system)
  • RGB
  • Combination of any lighting circuit in groups
  • DMX / Dali / RIO

Our variety of functions

Users of myGEKKO enjoy more comfort, energy efficiency and well-being and can adapt, optimise and expand all elements at any time.
The standardised system elements cover a building 360° and are activated without any programming effort.

All system elements in detail

2. Installation systems

Installation systems allow the communication between sensors and actuators (e.g. push buttons). myGEKKO OS offers an open installation platform and develops the optimal solution from their combination. The choice of the installation system is based on the requirements of the building and the system.
The networking of different installation systems allows the development of a flexible and resource-saving installation structure.

Example: KNX installation system

myGEKKO has a specially developed interface with which a KNX line with actuators and sensors can be connected to the myGEKKO operating system with little effort.
The parties involved in the project decide on the use of the myGEKKO operating system. In this way myGEKKO OS can be used as a complete control system with KNX components, but it can only be used for the visualisation and control of the selected central actions.

All integrated installation systems

Modbus, Enocean, traditional or KNX: the optimal installation system or combination can be chosen according to the needs of the building and the user.
Thanks to our flexible installation concept all technical options and innovations will also be available for building owners in the future.

myGEKKO offers the solution for both existing and new buildings.

All installation systems in detail 

3. Interfaces

With the optimal combination of the installation systems, myGEKKO is able to connect devices (ventilation, heating, lighting, ...) of different manufacturers and control them via the myGEKKO operating system. This creates a uniform and standardised automation and digitisation system.
The myGEKKO operating system ensures that the devices connected via the device interface communicate and interact with all other devices.

One of our partners: Siemens

Together with our partner Siemens, we offer the solution for Smart Protection. Siemens has developed the first compact fire and circuit breaker with radio network which also fulfils energy monitoring and other measuring functions. The measurement data are recorded with high precision in the various circuits and transmitted via radio to the myGEKKO OS. Here, the data of the switching devices are integrated and processed clearly in the dashboard. If the data deviate from the nominal values, the users are immediately warned and can therefore react immediately to anomalies. This prevents damage to the systems, as well as their failure and the high costs that both entails.

All our partners

Building managers, operators and users do not have to deal with different systems, but use the uniform and integral interface of myGEKKO.
We cooperate with renowned companies in the field of building technology.

All our partners in detail →

4. Cloud services

Through the myGEKKO Rest API, a secure cloud interface and the integration of specific third-party apps, there are further possibilities for the user, the manager and the owner of the building. The functionality and the data which the myGEKKO building controller displays and manages in the building can be extended by many other services.

  • Smart Assisted Living & Working
  • Workplace 4.0: Effective use of space, desk sharing
  • Modern approaches to facility management
  • Assessable operational efficiency, manage to green

Hardware - the myGEKKO controllers

With myGEKKO, software and hardware form an optimally coordinated unit.

The software and all information are executed locally on the myGEKKO building controllers.
The access takes place via the myGEKKO controller and the myGEKKO user interface provides the necessary overview.


More display. More design. More comfort.
The new display controller is the multi-talent for your building. With the new 10.1" Full HD display and the integrated RGB backlight it provides the certain WOW effect.
Easy installation. Easy configuration. Simple operation.

More info


Compact and powerful wall-mounted display controller for automation and digitisation of various applications in Smart Control.
It is optimised for use in the following systems:

  • Shading systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Room control

myGEKKO Base

The myGEKKO BASE series of controllers are powerful DIN-rail mounted controllers.
The compact design offers a front display with control buttons and 1 user accessible front USB port. The digital and analogue inputs and outputs, the KNX interface, 3 RS485 COM ports, 1 USB port and 2 LAN ports are easily accessible to the technician on the bottom of the device.

myGEKKO user interface

For Smart Home and Smart Buildings

The self-adaptive user interface is the abstract front-end for operators and professionals - from commissioning to the consistent operation of the app. A software concept that works without an additional programming tool.

  • 0% programming
  • 100% customisation
  • Presentation of all users
  • Access level for operators, technicians and maintenance
  • On site and remote

How can myGEKKO be used?

Via Smartphone, Tablet & more

myGEKKO offers you the possibility to control all systems of your house also via smartphone. This means that you always have your house under control.

Via the myGEKKO Slide

Via the myGEKKO Slide you can centrally control, monitor and optimise all functions of your smart home.
Its user-friendly interface makes the operation of the heating system, lighting, shading systems, energy manager and co. simple and intuitive.

Via voice control

Give voice commands and control your home in this way. myGEKKO then carries out the commands independently.

Via myGEKKO buttons

The control of lights, shading or other systems works via the myGEKKO multifunctional buttons too. You can decide yourself which button you want to assign to which function and also change it again at any time.

Successful projects and proposed solutions

Proposed solutions

Active energy management
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Intelligent control of shading systems in new buildings
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Modernising existing workplaces
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Case studies

From intelligent commercial buildings to intelligent houses, intelligent hotels, ... there are no limits to the use of the myGEKKO technology.

Contact us directly via the contact form below or get more information for free now.

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