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myGEKKO functions that improve people‘s lives​

Users of myGEKKO Building Intelligence enjoy the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of their living, working or facility environment, while being able to adapt and enhance the essential parameters and systems for best performance – today and tomorrow.​​

Features in detail


With myGEKKO you can create comprehensive lighting concepts which can be tailored to your needs without big effort. Discover the different features, turn the light on and off in the single rooms or change the colour or the brightness according to your mood or your activity. You can control the lights even when you’re not at home. 
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Top 5 features
  • Central lighting control
  • Lighting control dependent on time/twilight
  • Lighting control with scenarios
  • Lighting control via motion sensor
  • Continuous RGB


The myGEKKO shutter control adjusts the remote controllable and programmable shutters. Whether time-controlled or tailored to your needs via scenarios: you decide at what time the shading system shall be activated - this increases the living comfort and reduces energy consumption. 
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Top 5 features
  • Manual control
  • Control with timer /dependent on wind/rain
  • Control with scenarios
  • Display of overall position and tilt position
  • Integration of shutters into groups


In combination with modern ventilation systems, myGEKKO ensures a proper air exchange without energy waste. You can control the ventilation system directly, with timers or according to the air quality via humidity and Co² sensors. The control is carried out automatically via predefined logics, manually via the Slide or via the smartphone. 
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Top 5 features
  • Control can be manual, time-dependent or via scenarios
  • Control with events 
  • Control through request contact
  • Integration of ventilation devices into groups

Climate control

The myGEKKO air conditioning control is interconnected with the heating control and all the other installed systems. Therefore, the air conditioning can be adapted to presence and life habits just like every other system. Define different scenarios, e.g. to activate the system at a predefined temperature. 
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Top 5 features
  • Control can be manual, time-dependent or with events
  • Control through request contact
  • Cooling and heating coil
  • Humidification control
  • Assignment of single rooms


Control devices, irrigation systems and mains cut-offs with intelligent networked switch boxes. This way e.g. the coffee machine turns on automatically when you get up in the morning and the garden lights turn on only after the sunset. Electrical appliances, such as dryer, printer or washing machine are disconnected when they have finished their work. 
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Top 5 features
  • Control with push-buttons, scenarios or time-dependent
  • Control based on outdoor temperature 
  • Circuit inhibition or request in case of rain 
  • Inhibition of the circuit via locking contact
  • Integration of outlets into groups

Room temperature

Define a specific temperature for each room in order to use the heating energy as efficiently as possible. Each room can be controlled separately and programmed according to your needs. The desired room temperature and the heating times can be adapted ad any time with the myGEKKO.

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Top 5 features
  • Connection of several room control units 
  • 5 operation modes:Off, holiday, comfort mode, lowering mode, party mode
  • Temperature monitoring with alarm function
  • Display of several set values and actual values 
  • Integration of window contacts for controller deactivation

Heating system

A modern heating system has to produce the required heat efficiently, but also to regulate the consumption. The communication between the heating central and the single rooms is established via the myGEKKO. Besides the control of radiators and boiler, the heating central is responsible for the thermoregulation in the single rooms. 
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Top 5 features
  • High and low temperature request through contact
  • Temperature monitoring and display of boiler malfunctions
  • Request calculated on the basis of the requirements of heating circuits and boiler charging
  • Control of return temperature increase
  • Visualization of temperatures as trend curves

Heating/conditioning circuits

The myGEKKO controls the heating and cooling circuits of your heating plant, ensuring optimal room temperatures with a calculated energy consumption. 
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Top 5 features
  • Switchable control of heating circuit and conditioning circuit
  • Weather-sensitive or room-sensitive setting of the heating/conditioning circuits
  • Monitoring of frost protection
  • Switching off of ECO-mode according to the external temperature
  • Temperature monitoring with alarm function

Control circuits

myGEKKO offers the possibility to integrate a control function which can be freely used for up to 3 controllers for each circuit (e.g. for double pumps). 
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Top 5 features
  • Control can be manual, time-dependent or via scenarios
  • 3 customizable controllers including FU-control, auto/manual and fault display
  • Adjustment of volume, temperature, percentage
  • Positive and negative control, switchable
  • Visualization of values as trend curves

Swimming pool

If you are the happy owner of a swimming pool, you can control and monitor it comfortably via the myGEKKO. Use the intuitive control for your pool and keep the water quality and every other function under control. 
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Top 5 features
  • Monitoring of values such as chlorine, PH, flocculation
  • Switching “pool in use”/”not in use” mode time-dependent/manual/with actions
  • Setting and monitoring of the water temperature
  • Water suction, covering, backflushing time-dependent/manual via the display

Energy manager

With the myGEKKO energy manager you can actively influence systems such as hot water boiler, rooms or switchable devices during an overproduction period of the in-house PV-plant. The energy supply of the systems is delayed to the production period of the PV system; this means that you have to buy less energy from the network in the evening.
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Top 5 features
  • No activation of the EVU counter thanks to load rejection 
  • Optimization of self-consumption by influencing the appliances in case of overproduction
  • Battery monitoring with display of the charging status and control of the charging and discharging capacity
  • Monitoring and analysis of consumption/production, connection/disconnection of the devices

Electric car

Create an intelligent connection between house and car with the myGEKKO Slide & Drive concept. You can control, monitor and optimize both comfortably with the myGEKKO Slide. 
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Top 5 features
  • Coordination of the charging process with the household appliances 
  • Trouble-free operation of charge and energy use
  • Information über die Ladung 
  • Tarif-driven control
  • Optimization of energy distribution in photovoltaic plants

Energy / costs

The myGEKKO energy counter ensures a transparent and efficient energy consumption. The current energy consumption can be monitored round the clock. This way, the energy usage can be better managed and it is easier to save money.
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Top 5 features
  • Display of actual consumption
  • Actual consumption of the day and the current month
  • Visualization as trend curve
  • Display of the consumption sum


Rely on the effective access control offered by the myGEKKO smart card and fingerprint readers. 
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Top 5 features
  • Door opening and locking via smart card, finger or  door release button
  • Door opening and locking via scenarios or time-dependent
  • Time-dependent enabling of the single users
  • Locking contact and opening contact, e.g. for the fire alarm system.
  • Customized actions for finger and door

Alarm system

The myGEKKO alarm function allows to link the alarm with specific features. For example it is possible to integrate the locking of single doors or the activation of lamps, cameras and recorders. 
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Top 5 features
  • Detector inputs distributable in 2 zones
  • 2 “Alarm active” indicators
  • 2 “Sensor active” indicators (signalling of open windows)
  • 1 outdoor siren
  • Dispatch of alarm messages via SMS or e-mail


The myGEKKO Slide is equipped with an audio output for the playback of music sources such as internet radio or MP3s furthermore, it can access an external source, e. g. a stereo system or a home cinema. 
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Top 5 features
  • Multiple music zones
  • Volume control for each zone
  • 8 available sources for each zone
  • Volume control and switching of the myGEKKO source
  • Playback of up to 8 WAV files directly via the myGEKKO loudspeakers


You can connect any given surveillance camera to the myGEKKO. Indoor as well as outdoor, it is possible to integrate up to 10 video cameras in the myGEKKO network and monitor the entire property.
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Top 5 features
  • IP camera / webcam overview
  • Video surveillance around the house
  • Replaces the videophone 
  • Display of weather data and weather forecast
  • The camera is activated automatically when the bell rings and the images can be recorded

Video call station

Use your myGEKKO Slide as a reliable door communication system. Check who’s on the front door on the large display of the Slide. 
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Top 5 features
  • See who’s on the front door and talk with the visitors
  • Recording in case of absence  
  • Recordings are forwarded to the smartphone
  • The call station camera can be monitored from everywhere via smartphone
  • Intercom, call of other indoor call stations, e.g. If there are several apartments


myGEKKO is equipped with a SMS/GSM module for the remote control and the despatch of alarm messages via SMS and e-mail.
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Top 5 features
  • Call of scenarios via SMS
  • Free assignment of SMS abbreviations for the call of scenarios
  • Despatch of alarm messages 
  • Despatch of free definable messages
  • Recording of all sent and received SMS

Weather station

Connect any given weather station to your myGEKKO system and use the collected data of your digital weather station as basis for the home automation.
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Top 5 features
  • Outdoor temperature sensor 
  • Twilight sensor with limit setting
  • Wind or rain sensor with limit setting
  • Brightness sensor with limit setting
  • Humidity sensor with limit setting


Divide your home in alarm zones with myGEKKO and decide in which way you want to get informed about the triggered alarms and how the myGEKKO system shall react.
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Top 5 features
  • 6 inputs (digital, analogue)
  • 2 outputs (digital, analogue)
  • Digital inputs and outputs invertible
  • Time delays on inputs/outputs
  • Output can be configured as alarm


Logic modules serve for the implementation of special functions and can be used as expansions of the basic modules of the myGEKKO system. 
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Top features
  • The system offers operators as well as several mathematical functions
  • System-relevant values such as date, weather data, consumption and external values of sensors and buttons can be interconnected and compared with standard routines (light/shutters, actions) 


Create your own timers with myGEKKO and decide which actions you want to activate inside your house. 
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Top 5 features
  • Up to 8 separately definable switching actions 
  • Start of the switching action on an adjustable time and day of the week
  • The time-based switching action can activate single functions or call a scenario
  • Presence simulation with weekly program
  • Execution condition through contact


The myGEKKO scenarios allow you to recall several actions with the push of a button.
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Top 5 features
  • 8 freely selectable switching actions for each scenario
  • Scenario with delay time or customized starting time after call-up
  • Call of scenarios via display and/or push-button
  • Call of scenarios via SMS 
  • Individual naming of the scenarios

Remote access

The remote access to your myGEKKO system is possible via myGEKKO Viewer, VNC or myGEKKO web app.
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Your myGEKKO Slide is the central control unit of all systems installed in the house. Settings and changes can be carried out directly on the display. The display of the Slide also shows all the required data and information.
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Top 5 features
  • Commissioning and configuration controlled directly via touchscreen
  • Language selection directly via touchscreen
  • The different configurations and commissioning parameters can be saved on USB flash drive
  • Quick system reset 
  • Security updates and function extensions can be easily realized via USB flash drive 
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