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Safe with myGEKKO

For a secure smart home, office or commercial property

Smart and safe living and working is the trend. But what is actually safe? The technology behind it, the building itself or a combination of both? myGEKKO internalizes the term security in all areas. Starting with the concept of the myGEKKO OS operating system, installation, all the later functions and use. 

The myGEKKO concept is safe

Safe from the start

At myGEKKO, security begins with the planning of the concept.
Our myGEKKO OS operating system meets the highest security standards and thereby lays the foundation for your secure building. Both installers and you as an end user do not have to worry about additional security measures.

Secure with the Internet

myGEKKO is also secure with an internet connection.
All services of the myGEKKO PLUS Services are encrypted using AES and are therefore secure. In addition, all services are continuously checked, developed and improved. All ports are closed for unauthorized connections and thus prevent unauthorized access from outside. This means that you can safely use all internet-connected services for remote access or weather data.

Safe without internet

myGEKKO can also be used without the Internet.
Without the cloud, all functions on the display controller SLIDE 2 can be operated and controlled. The user can also block all ports from the outside. The updates can also be installed via a USB stick or server without Internet access. Regardless of whether you are critical of the Internet or you do not have a good Internet connection: You don't have to go without intelligent living or working.

Already secure during the installation

At myGEKKO, security begins with the planning and installation of the system.
The myGEKKO concept is preferably installed by cable. In addition, the type of cabling is adapted to the devices and is therefore always compatible and safe. The myGEKKO OS already has a variety of interfaces from different manufacturers such as TELENOT or ekey, which can be easily installed and connected via Plag & Play. If the operating system does not yet have a fixed connection from the manufacturer you trust, the device can also be integrated via a jointly functioning installation system such as KNX, Modubus, etc.

Everyone has a different feeling of security.

myGEKKO adapts perfectly to your individual wishes and ideas.

Whatever security concept you choose with the respective devices and manufacturers - myGEKKO makes it possible and your building safe.

Break-in Protection

Alarm system

You leave your house with a smile, because after the door is closed, the alarm system does the rest. Intelligent sensors on doors, windows, skylights or garage doors detect whether someone is trying to gain unauthorized access and immediately triggers the alarm. So you always know your home is safe.

Video surveillance

With video surveillance you have everything in view. myGEKKO monitors your house and gives you the opportunity to access different cameras. This is possible both in-house and by remote access and gives you a permanent feeling of security.

Sabotage monitoring

Someone tried to break into your house? How do you know? Sabotage monitoring will notify you of a failed attempt to gain unauthorized access to your home. Intelligent motion detectors on doors and windows make it possible and give you certainty.



Are you carrying shopping bags in both hands and looking for the keys? It doesn't have to be this way. Just put your finger on the reader and open the door. This variant prevents keys from being lost, the child's entry code being passed on unintentionally and unintentional access by strangers.


These days you can even start your car with a card. So why not open your house with it? A heavy keychain in your handbag or uncomfortable jabs through your pocket are a thing of the past. The RFID card works through electromagnetic waves that contain stored data. This ensures
that only you can open the front door with your card.

Video intercom

The doorbell rings and you don't want to have to open the door to find out who is standing there? No problem, because with the video intercom you can see who is at the door and speak to them at the same time. When you are not at home, the moment is recorded and forwarded to your smartphone. So you can be sure that you will no longer miss a visit.



Feel safe with a smart alarm system: If you break in, you will be informed immediately. On the one hand, the alarm system is triggered as soon as someone forcibly accesses your home, on the other hand you receive a call from the myGEKKO Plus Caller service. So you are always warned - in or out of the house.

Water damage

Water damage, especially in the basement area, can go undetected for a long time, causing considerable damage. Intelligent water break sensors detect water leaks and notify you immediately via a message to your smartphone. This allows you to react as quickly as possible and prevent worse things from happening.

Smoke formation

Depending on the room in which smoke is developing, it often takes (too) long to be noticed. A smoke detector connected to myGEKKO not only makes itself heard through the siren, but also informs you immediately via the smartphone. This allows you to quickly bring yourself and your family to safety.

CO² change

If you perceive gas in the house, it has mostly spread widely. With early notification via smartphone and siren, you can leave the house as quickly as possible and take yourself to safety.

Presence simulator

Roller shutter

Are you on a well deserved vacation and worried that it might seem uninhabited? You don't have to. myGEKKO recreates your habits during your absence and lets the shutters open in the morning and down again in the evening as usual.


Lights always show presence. That is why they are switched on and off randomly throughout the day, making it even easier to see the presence of people in your house.


Your garden is also not neglected during your absence: the lawn sprinkler or watering the garden takes place in the evening, as usual, as soon as the sun sets. This ensures that the appearance of your presence is preserved and that your lawn and garden are supplied with water.

The interior

With timers, fixed times can be determined at which, for example, the television, the radio or the lights in the outside area switch on and off. These pre-programmed movements in the house leave no doubt of a real presence in your house while you aren't there.

Any questions? Get in touch today!

We are happy to answer your questions and advise you on the implementation of your safe and intelligent building.

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