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Merge the best of two worlds. KNX brings reliability and stability, myGEKKO brings modern functionality.

Easily expand and visualize KNX systems with myGEKKO.

Make more of it now!

Connect the two worlds: KNX & myGEKKO! Expand and visualize KNX systems easily with myGEKKO.

Energy management

Intelligent control of energy flows

With the myGEKKO energy management system (EMS), you can easily integrate heating elements, heat pumps, PV systems, charging stations, etc. into existing KNX systems. The home's own consumption can also be optimized via load shedding and active energy management.
This is useful in houses with a limited grid supply or in hotels with high peak loads.

  • Load shedding
  • Active energy management

Energy Manager

  • Trend recording
  • E-Mobility & Charge Management
  • PV integration and energy storage
  • Load shedding and load optimization of electrical systems through intelligent linking of various consumers
  • Tariff dependent regulation

Access solutions

Easily implement customer requirements with myGEKKO access solutions

  • Access via RFID, keypad, fingerprint, QR code
  • Remote access authorization via smartphone
  • Video intercom with SIP communication
  • Personal authorization for multi-party buildings, hotels or office buildings
  • Access authorizations for up to 1,000 people
  • Recording of accesses
  • E-mobility: release of charging stations


Simple visualization of KNX systems

Visualize and control your KNX system with the KNX software package and expand it with countless functions of the myGEKKO OS.
Use the group addresses of an ETS project as an input aid - a simple export/import of the data is sufficient.


  • Comprehensive monitoring: Continuous monitoring of room temperature, CO² concentration and humidity.
  • Presence management: Detection of room occupancy, number of people and their presence.
  • Energy monitoring: Detailed recording of electricity, water and heat consumption, as well as production data.
  • Heating control: Monitoring of flow/return temperatures, boilers and hot water circulation.
  • Security monitoring: Automatic detection of open windows and doors for improved building envelope protection.

So what's in for you and your customers?

  • Optimization of energy consumption and reduction of operating costs.
  • Increasing safety and comfort through automated systems.
  • Preventive maintenance through early detection of faults.
  • and much more.

Weather forecast

Use weather forecasts to increase comfort and save energy

  • Forecasts of expected energy production for the next few days
  • Status feedback on precipitation, temperature, position of the sun and wind
  • Garden irrigation depending on the weather forecast
  • Sun position-controlled and wind-dependent shading
  • Closing of roof windows in the event of precipitation
  • ... and many other weather-dependent actions as required


Digitize buildings

  • Dashboard
  • External control
  • Evaluable operating efficiency - retrieving data
  • Smart Assisted Living & Working
  • Workplace 4.0: effective use of space, desk sharing
  • Modern facility management approaches

Voice control

So easy

  • Control the entire home/building technology via voice commands
  • Start scenes via voice control. E.G.: In the "Good night" scene, the blinds close and the lights switch off.
  • Amazon Alexa

Expand your KNX system with only one myGEKKO controller

KNX software package - Technical manual

For integrating an existing or new KNX system, which can be visualized and controlled via the myGEKKO OS. With the myGEKKO system, the KNX system can be easily expanded with many other functions, e.g. energy manager, access point, PV system and much more.
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You want to extend your KNX installations, visualize them and serve your customers from A to Z?

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