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Comfort means well-being

Nowadays people want more than just a roof over their head. A home should be a retreat, a creative working and living environment which satisfies their desires and expectations. With myGEKKO you can adapt your home to your needs and life habits.


Central light switch
For sure you know that: once again, someone forgot the lights on!
With myGEKKO this can no longer happen. You can turn off all the lights with one central light switch when you leave the house or during the night. 
Moments of pure well-being
The proper illumination creates a pleasant atmosphere and has a positive effect on the well-being of the occupants. Create your personal lighting mood for special moments. Bright or dimmed, white or coloured - you can illuminate every room according to your mood.
Light management
Using light curves, you can adjust the illumination so that the lights remain dimmed overnight and shine with normal brightness during daytime. This way you will not grope around in the dark nor be dazzled by harsh light when you go to the bathroom during the night.  
You also can create special myGEKKO scenarios for particular moments, such as a comfortable TV evening.  


Shadow plays
myGEKKO controls all the shading systems of the house. It opens and closes shutters, blinds or sun blinds by means of timers or sensors.
According to weather conditions or based on sunlight, the possibilities are countless and the influence on well-being and cost saving enormous.
Optimal room climate
With the myGEKKO digital shading system you can create the ideal lighting comfort in every room. A daylight deflection system conveys the daylight into the building without dazzle. At the same time, the digitally controlled blinds and shutters prevent an excessive heat input.
Easy handling
With myGEKKO Slide you can easily adapt each shutter or the entire shading system to your needs. This gives you the possibility, for example, to open the shutters in the morning and close them when it becomes dark.

Indoor climate

Heating/air conditioning
With myGEKKO, you can set a different temperature in each room and save customized heating and cooling times. For example to lower the heating during the day when nobody’s at home. The air conditioning can be controlled using timers adapted to your personal needs.
Fireplace control
The myGEKKO fireplace control regulates the air supply for the combustion and alerts you immediately in case of problems. Thanks to the optimal combustion and the high efficiency, you will save a lot of money. 
Activate your ventilation system with timers or room sensors. This way you can regulate the CO² value and the room humidity at any time.


Opens door and house
Your house knows you! You return home and when you open the door the alarm system is deactivated, the lights turn on and you hear your favourite radio station. What a welcome! 

Video call station
myGEKKO shows you who’s at the door! Installing a camera in the entrance area, the display shows you who rang at the door. Welcome your guests and open the door using the display. 
Access profile
The myGEKKO access system allows the unique identification of persons. Therefore it is possible to link any functions of the domotic system with the access profile of the different occupants. 

Outdoor area

Gardening made easy! myGEKKO activates the irrigation of the garden or of the balcony flowers using timers and the data of the weather station. You will not only save a lot of time, but also use the necessary water as selectively and economically as possible. 
Connecting the myGEKKO to a weather station, the shutters can also be controlled according to weather conditions. When it rains, the shutters remain closed and the windows stay clean for a longer time.
Sun blinds
In case of strong wind or rain, myGEKKO retracts the sun blinds automatically, avoiding any possible damage.

From underway

Presence simulation
With myGEKKO's presence simulation you don't have to worry about your home when you are on holiday. Setting some timers, lights, shutters etc. will be switched randomly and the house will always look occupied. This discourages burglars and you can enjoy your vacancies.
Remote control
myGEKKO informs you via smartphone if something unusual happens.
Do you want to be sure that all the lights are off and the windows are closed? A quick look at your smartphone, and you can forget your worries.
In addition, you can carry out several control also en route. What if you return home earlier and want to turn on the heating? No problem! With myGEKKO you always have your home under control.
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