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Because tomorrow's sustainable world is already emerging today

The world warms up. Recognizable by the melting glaciers, the rise in sea level and the increased average temperatures. Experts have now agreed that this situation is man-made. There are innumerable gases in the earth's atmosphere such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide and fluid gases. However, the concentration of CO2 has risen sharply by humans.
Construction and renovation also make up a not insignificant part. Although an energetically and ecologically correct approach is already being taken in many cases today, the main focus is on sustainable insulation, a new heating system and protecting the cellar from mold. This approach ultimately makes the preservation of the property not yet sustainable.
Heating, cooling and water heating are areas that still need a lot of energy every day. The entire sector of heating and cooling products in Europe is responsible for 50 percent of the EU's annual energy consumption. We have made it our business to improve this area with our technology. Intelligent building technology makes optimal use of the available resources and thus contributes to sustainable construction.

Specifically, this means that heating, ventilation, shading and lighting automatically interact with each other and react according to needs. For example, the sun is used as a heat source until the desired temperature is reached. Then the shading elements ensure that the temperature remains constant. This principle also reduces heating costs in the winter months because the shading elements take into account both the geographical location and the position of the sun as well as the weather. These only become active as soon as the sun's rays have heated the room to the desired comfortable temperature.
Time-controlled temperature controllers also ensure a holistic, pleasant room climate: each room can be set individually. It is possible to heat the living room only during the day and the sleeping area only at night. This saves heating costs and energy. Smart sensors also control the air quality in the rooms and regulate the ventilation accordingly. This means that no energy is wasted and costs can be saved.

In the holistically networked house, all areas communicate with each other permanently, making optimal use of the available energy. The photovoltaic system only starts to work when a system uses more energy than is available. As soon as this energy source is too low for consumption, the next energy source is used. The system works not only at the moment, but also with foresight. The garden is only irrigated automatically when the soil moisture value is too low and the system cannot recognize any precipitation based on the weather forecast for the next two days.

This technology of intelligent and sustainable living of tomorrow already exists today. With our help, you can design your home for yourself and for future generations in a cost-saving, efficient and sustainable manner and thus make your contribution to combating climate change.

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