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Lighting in the Smart Home: useful, stylish, customized

Customized lighting control

In the intelligent networked home, lights ensure comfort, safety and well-being

In a Connected Home, the implementation of a lighting control with smart technology nowadays means much more than just turn on the lights to see better and more.Ideal lighting conditions have a positive effect on the well-being of the occupants and increase safety, indoor and outdoor.
At the same time, an optimal, intelligent illumination increases comfort, creates a pleasant atmosphere and can also reduce the global lighting costs.
This means:When it is integrated in an intelligent networked home, lights can create
• more living comfort – for example in combination with the entertainment electronics,
• more safety – in combination with motion sensors or presence simulation,
• lower lighting costs – in combination with automatic switch-off functions,
• a healthy environment – ideal lighting conditions increase the well-being,
• perfect brightness – to see everything clearly.

Focus on lighting

The ideal light in every room

Lighting control in a Smart Home means that the illumination can be perfectly adapted to the individual expectations and needs.You can choose between basic lighting, general illumination of the rooms or spotlights which light up specific areas.Or create a mood lighting to add an extra touch.In the networked home, the different lighting concepts can be combined in order to have perfect lighting conditions in every part of the house or the apartment.

Feel safe – feel good

A smart lighting control can help you to feel better and safer.In case of absence, the intelligent lighting control increases the safety of the Smart Home.You can set the automatic switching of the lights at certain times to simulate presence and prevent burglary.This feature can also be combined with scenarios for the control of shutters and blinds, which can open and close at pre-determined intervals.In addition, the presence simulation can be expanded with a “random deviation”.In this case, the opening and closing of the shutters and the turning on and off of the lights is delayed by a random value within the predefined interval for presence simulation.The illumination - including the floor lamps connected with switch boxes - is turned on and off consequently.

Optimal lighting conditions, low lighting costs

The integration of the illumination in the Smart Home can reduce the global lighting costs.Using the myGEKKO Slide, it is possible to combine the lights with motion sensors or presence detectors so that they turn off automatically when you leave the room or the house.Or you can dim the lights during the night.

How do you feel? The illumination of the Smart Home follows your mood

The users of the Connected Home can create individual lighting scenarios according to their mood or for a special event.Using the central controller, it is possible to combine different lights, colours and light intensities in customized lighting scenarios for selected areas, single rooms or the entire house.During a dinner with friends for example the host can dim the basic lighting on the ground floor to 60 percent, activate an indirect illumination and play the appropriate music for the occasion.
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