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Attendance simulator with myGEKKO also at home on vacation

You are about to start your well-deserved vacation and still: This one little ulterior motive, which worries about the abandoned house, is constantly gnawing at you. Will everything be fine? What if there is a fire or someone breaks in? All of these questions keep you busy throughout your vacation. This needn't be the case! With the myGEKKO presence simulation, your house appears to be continuously occupied.
myGEKKO has set itself the task of improving your house and your life and making it more efficient. It should relieve you of work and worries and not just when you are at home. Especially on vacation you often think of the scenario of coming home and what to expect. Because one thing is clear: permanently lowered blinds and a dried lawn are obvious signs that the house has been empty for a long time. MyGEKKO's presence simulation helps to remedy this pre-programmed nightmare. myGEKKO knows your habits and intuitively reproduces them. For example, the roller shutters are raised in the morning and lowered again in the evening as usual. Even the lights will be switched on and off randomly throughout the day, making it even easier to see the presence of people in your house.
You don't have to worry about your garden either. Not everyone has neighbors or relatives who take care of the garden and lawn during their absence. Perhaps you don't want to put all this work on someone for a long time. Either way, myGEKKO has a solution here too. The lawn sprinkler or watering the garden takes place in the evening, as usual, once the sun has set. This ensures that the appearance of your presence is preserved and that your lawn and garden are both supplied with water and at the same time nothing burns due to the sun's rays. Sensitive rain sensors that work with the weather station also detect predicted rain. This means that irrigation is only switched on when there is no rain in sight. This not only saves water, but according to the weather forecast, your logical conclusion also indicates a presence.

But that's not all: your house appears to come to life in your absence. With timers, fixed times can be determined at which, for example, the television, the radio or the lights in the outside area switch on and off. These pre-programmed movements in the house leave no doubt of a real presence. Nonetheless, precautions should be taken for emergencies. This includes not only burglaries, but also scenarios such as storms, frost, a fire or water damage. The operating system from myGEKKO in cooperation with renowned partners covers all unwanted scenarios and informs you immediately via phone call. This alarm lets you start your vacation without worry - in every season. In the meantime myGEKKO takes care of your house. For example, if sensors measure increased wind speeds, the shading elements are automatically retracted to protect them from damage. If the temperature falls below 1 degree Celsius, the water in the pipes can freeze, which in the worst case can burst and thus cause great damage. myGEKKO recognizes such a scenario and counteracts this by circulating warm water in the pipe. If smoke is detected, the smoke detector starts immediately and on the other hand you are informed immediately by the myGEKKO Plus Caller Service and you can react to it as soon as possible.
This also applies to a break-in or an attempted one. Intelligent sensors monitor doors, windows, skylights or garage doors and immediately trigger an alarm if a forced entry is attempted. If a video camera is also installed, a photo of the person will be taken.

myGEKKO enables you to enjoy your vacation carefree. The presence simulation gives the impression that you are still at home, meanwhile myGEKKO takes care of your garden and recognizes dangers. You will be informed immediately if such a scenario occurs. In addition, you can control and change all functionsmvia smartphone or tablet from the holiday location. With myGEKKO you know your house in the best hands - even when you are not at home.

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