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Innovative access solution for apartment buildings

Rummaging the bunch of keys out of your pocket or trouser pocket is a thing of the past. Thanks to the accesssolution from myGEKKO Building Intelligence, access is contactless and more convenient for all residents. Thisnot only increases the value and attractiveness of the residential project, but also sets it apart from other classicbuildings with the intelligent and uniform solution from myGEKKO.
Intelligent access solution for every household
Smart home and building digitalization is more in demand than ever. This is integrated in single and family hous-es, hotels, office complexes and, with myGEKKO Building Intelligence, also in apartment buildings. The traditional household is already in the midst of change - from a large family to a small family or a single household.
myGEKKO has the intelligent access solution for the increasingly attractive multi-party houses. People are constant-ly walking in and out of the main entrance door of an apartment building. From residents and visitors to variousservice providers such as delivery services, gardeners and cleaning staff. There are various options that can beselected depending on the project. MyGEKKO has a solution for every eventuality: The door can be opened andclosed with a card or fingerprint, with time restrictions or with access authorizations with a QR code. Owners ofholiday apartments can particularly benefit from the option of using the QR code. You create a time-limited accessauthorization as a QR code on the myGEKKO and send it directly to the guests by email. These various options areforward-looking and not only make the house more attractive for the residents, but also make it safer.
A uniform solution to increase comfort for everyone involved
myGEKKO Building Intelligence helps the building function intelligently and improve people's lives. In this way, the co-existence of the individual parties is both uncomplicated and efficient: the smartphone replaces the bulletin board. The residents receive information and support directly in the digital network and can quickly and easily discuss andshare anything that may arise. All parties also share certain sensors such as smoke detectors or sensors in thecorridors. Important messages are communicated to everyone at the same time and quickly and are not just sentto one person.
This uniform and, above all, holistic solution saves costs. The source of technical damage is displayed immediatelyand rectified quickly and easily. The quick repair of any damage is thanks to the solution from myGEKKO Building Intelligence. The specialist has the option of performing remote maintenance, which saves time and money. Boththe simplified installation process and the uncomplicated rectification of a fault are ultimately not only beneficialfor the specialist, but also for the property developer and the resident himself. The guiding principles are to makethings quick, uncomplicated and as convenient as possible.

Thanks to myGEKKO Building Intelligence: efficiency through and through
In an apartment building featuring myGEKKO, not only do all systems and parties work with one another, but alsofor one another. The electricity produced by the photovoltaic system flows directly into the apartments or into the charging stations for the electric cars. From now on you also have the option of opening the central main entrance doors directly from the apartment. In this way, all residents and guests can come in comfortably through the main entrance door. This works with the new OSDP reading series. myGEKKO offers additional extensions with the Doorbird external intercom. When someone rings the doorbell, the resident sees who it is on their display controller on the myGEKKO SLIDE and can open the main entrance door with a click. When a resident isn't home, the ringing is forwarded to their smartphone with a call. This way, residents are always informed if and when they've missed someone at home. These possibilities make all the difference. In an apartment building with myGEKKO Building Intelligence, every detail is thought of and thefocus is on maximum comfort for specialists, property developers and residents. This makes this project attractivefor everyone involved.

myGEKKO Building Intelligence relies on effectiveness, convenience and security for access solutions for apartmentbuildings. If you don't want to do without it in your project, please contact us at +49 89 21 5470 711 or send an email to hello@my-gekko.com - we'll be happy to advise you

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