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myGEKKO - the first comprehensive, independent and simple home control for your home

myGEKKO is a control system with which you can regulate, optimize and control all parts in a building in a uniform manner. Different components of the building services work together. This intelligent networking means
not only more convenience, but also more security and efficiency for customers. With the help of sophisticated energy management, all parts and devices in a building can be perfectly coordinated so that no energy is used incorrectly or is even lost.
If the building is equipped with its own photovoltaic system, the myGEKKO Slide enables users to optimize the energy consumption of their photovoltaic system and control the electricity flows so that the self-generated energy is used efficiently. This increases self-consumption and reduces energy costs. The self-produced electricity can either be used to charge the scooter or for other household consumers such as a washing machine or dryer. The myGEKKO Slide distributes the energy obtained in an environmentally friendly way according to the wishes of the home side.
myGEKKO creates the optimal connection between people, house and technology. The technology has to adapt to the conditions of the house and the needs of the people. Therefore, the entire building technology must be flexible, once installed, it must also be changeable in the future and grow with the needs of the residents and the building.

myGEKKO offers all possible interfaces to various installation and media bus systems such as KNX, SMI, Enocean or Modbus. The optimal type of cabling can be selected depending on the conditions of the building and the needs of the users and can be combined with any other system.
With such a flexible installation concept, the customer will continue to have access to all technical innovations and options. The independence from programming standards and cabling types offers the best prerequisite that the house and the technology can change with the inhabitants. This means that all options for changing needs are open for every phase of life. Everything is possible with the myGEKKO control concept across brands, parts, and rooms.

myGEKKO OS - the all-in-one configurator
The software, the myGEKKO OS, is already preinstalled on the myGEKKO Slide and is continuously adapted and expanded to reflect technological innovations. myGEKKO does not use a special programming language for this, but abstracts the complexity of the control algorithms that run in the background into a graphical programming environment. Without any programming knowledge, a technician is able to implement professional controls and logic.
myGEKKO OS is the only tool with which a technician can carry out the entire installation of a building. Unlike most other smart home systems, which have to be programmed by a programmer with a programming language such as PLC or ETS, myGEKKO provides the connectivity of the different systems in the house in an abstract manner. The myGEKKO Slide is a configuration interface for installers and technicians, optimization access and an operating interface for the customer and an information center in one. Therefore are no external dependencies on software, engineering tools or consumer interfaces.

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