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Energy efficiency - myGEKKO uses resources optimally

Studies show an annual increase in energy consumption in private households. Residential houses account for a good quarter of a country's total energy consumption. And more than two thirds of this energy is needed
to heat rooms. So there is an urgent need for action - for the sake of our environment, our children and our wallet.
Energy saving made easy

The smart home automation system myGEKKO helps to make your home an ideal place that uses less energy and causes less CO² emissions. And that without having to do without cozy warmth, hot water or comfortable light. The secret behind it is actually very simple: communication and interaction. In the myGEKKO Smart Home, all systems speak the same language and harmonize perfectly with each other. Because sustainable energy efficiency - whether in private homes or in commercial buildings - can only be achieved through this holistic approach. In other words, in an intelligently networked home, in which all areas can be combined and perfectly coordinated.

And the mouthpiece between the intelligently networked house and the residents in it is the myGEKKO Slide. It can be used to control and operate all systems such as heating, ventilation, shading or lighting. You can also control energy consumption and actively regulate it. myGEKKO automatically turns residents into energy managers.

Intelligent networked heating systems

An intelligently networked heating system, for example, harmonizes perfectly with the shade. With a roller shutter control depending on the position of the sun, which takes into account the geographic location, the season, the position of the sun and the weather to regulate the shading elements, the consumer can noticeably reduce heating costs, especially in winter. The shading remains inactive until the warming sun rays have heated the room to a comfortable temperature. Only then will the shading elements automatically shut down and the heating take over again. In summer, the same principle is used to cool the rooms. The smart roller shutter control shuts down the shading in direct sunlight and thereby protects the rooms from overheating.

Maximum efficiency at low costs
An important aspect of energy efficiency in residential construction is the need-based heating. With myGEKKO, residents can set the desired room temperature for every room and save individual heating times. This makes it possible to lower the living area of the house while you are sleeping and to heat up the sleeping area. If no one is at home during the day, the heating can also be lowered during this time. The residents are able to heat each room according to their individual preferences and habits. Time-controlled temperature controllers or precise temperature sensors create a constantly pleasant room climate and at the same time save heating costs.

The ventilation system also makes a significant contribution to a pleasant room climate. But the same applies here too: only intelligently networked, they bring significant added value for the residents and a noticeable cost reduction. In the myGEKKO Smart Home, smart sensors in the living and sleeping areas monitor the air quality and regulate the ventilation accordingly.

Using natural resources

myGEKKO has long dealt with the conscious use of natural resources and has therefore taken the path of constant optimization. If we want to heat in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way, we have to use as much of our ambient energy as possible. The sun or the air can be ideally integrated into the heating or cooling process of a building and used as an active heat source. The built-in heating system of the building then only needs to be switched on as an additional heat source.

Anyone who owns a photovoltaic system for electricity production can consciously optimize their energy consumption. With the help of the myGEKKO energy manager, energy generation, energy consumption and energy storage can be optimally coordinated. myGEKKO can record electricity production and consumption with pinpoint accuracy, and residents can know when more electricity is being produced than is being used. Dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and other devices can then be switched in such a way that they start operating in precisely these time windows and use the available electricity for free.
The self-produced electricity is therefore used in a targeted manner if it is available.

You would like to create a home, whether a new or existing building, in which the building technology is coordinated as efficiently as possible? To realize your building project, you can find the myGEKKO specialist company near you here.

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