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From today into the digital tomorrow! Digitilize existing buildings simply with the new Plug & Play solution!

An old building with a new soul: The leap towards the digital future (which is in fact already the present) and smart buildings is not only possible in new but also in existing buildings. This is down to the intelligent interaction of wireless and conventional solutions requiring far less time and effort than property owners, operators and users as well as architects, planners and technicians actually realise.
Today, property owners, operators and users often shy away from converting their building into an intelligent one. They believe there is too much work involved, the costs are too high and the disruption to daily operations too extensive. In addition, planners and even specialist technicians often prefer to put the digital transformation of buildings on hold because they fear the work involved. Thanks to wireless technologies however, the reality is indeed very different. Intelligent, coordinated, self-learning and intercommunicating building technology can be implemented quickly and easily with minimal planning and most importantly avoiding operational disruption and cabling costs.

Make your existing building smart - and now
myGEKKO solutions combine the use of the most modern wireless communication technologies and the advantages provided by complete installation systems and protocols to digitilize existing buildings starting from the rooms through to the technical systems such as heating, ventilation or air conditioning and in doing so ensure their sustainable future both economically and ecologically. The spectrum ranges from room automation and desk-sharing solutions through to carbon footprint reduction. And because the myGEKKO system has a modular structure and is open to other technologies, it can be updated, upgraded and expanded at any time.

The secret to simple building digitilization is coordinating the wireless solutions according to the dimensions of the building and what it is used for. Thanks to EnOcean green wireless technology, residential buildings are making the leap towards the smart home concept. It is characterized not least by minimal energy consumption thereby rendering batteries superfluous. To achieve smart commercial buildings on the other hand, myGEKKO relies on Blue Mesh technology and BlueRange as well as Plug & Play solutions. In this way, myGEKKO is able to install the system in just one day and completely digitilize up to 15 workstations.

One building, one solution, one control concept
"Completely" is meant literally. The myGEKKO operating system enables all areas and systems (including those from third-party providers via Rest API) to be networked using a uniform control concept. This not only includes lighting, shade, ventilation and air conditioning but also access and parking space controls as well as the irrigation of office plants and outdoor areas.

The sensors measuring all health-related parameters in the building (from room temperature and humidity to the CO2 levels in the air) are also centrally controlled. These interact with the various devices to ensure optimal values throughout the building. Finally, the myGEKKO system also carries out energy management, optimizing energy flows and in doing so increasing sustainability while significantly reducing energy costs.

What sounds highly complex is in fact easy to use. The system is operated through a uniform user interface accessible from selected workstations via its own dashboard or the myGEKKO app. For building owners and users as well as planners, architects and specialist technicians, achieving a smart building is simple. The optimal solution is developed on the basis of the myGEKKO platform. Planning and installation are easy and support from the myGEKKO team is guaranteed to be competent and consistent.

Due to the large number of protocols and systems we support, the existing technical systems can be renewed using myGEKKO and at the same time transparently integrated into the overall system.
In this way, all previously stand-alone business solutions merge into a uniform, integral overall solution incorporating all digital advantages: From integral networked control and regulation to operations focusing on specific target groups, analysis and optimization using apps, dashboards and cloud services to complete financial controlling and management functions aiming to achieve significantly increased energy efficiency and sustainability.

An investment that pays off - several times over
There are no longer any inhibitions surrounding the digital transformation of buildings. Today, this transformation is no longer an option. It is a necessity for users and owners alike. For the former new business opportunities are created. In addition they make a contribution towards improved health in the workplace. They increase the opportunities for interaction and communication and in turn exchange within the team as well as ensuring increased creativity, productivity and comfort.

For building owners, the leap towards the digital future results in a significant increase in the value of their property, a reduction in operating costs by up to 55 percent and an increase in the energy efficiency and sustainability of their building. And the final piece of good news - investments in building intelligence and in the Manage to Green strategy are generously funded by the public sector.

So, if you don't make your property smart now, then when will you?

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