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Facility Management: starting the future with myGEKKO Building Intelligence

Investing in new working environments pays off: not only for the well-being and motivation of the employees, but also for the optimal performance of the company. The digital overview of all systems in the building plays a significantrole in this. myGEKKO Building Intelligence has the optimal solution for this.
Everything at a glance with the dashboard
Service staff and technicians are usually very busy people. It doesn't matter whether you work in an office building, a hotel or in a public administration building: Every day, they fix incidents, carry out repair work or check definedareas. In doing so, not only a lot of time, but also money is lost. With facility management from myGEKKO Building Intelligence, anomalies are quickly recognized and immediately displayed on the dashboard. In this way, all systems can be controlled and analyzed in real time and sources of error can be identified more quickly. A failed air conditioning or ventilation system is recognized immediately and a building technician can repair it immediately. This not only significantly reduces downtime, but also potential complaints from office workers.

The building knows what it needs
With the myGEKKO solution, the building itself recognizes how and when it uses the available resources. Intelligent motion sensors ensure that no electricity is wasted on unnecessarily burning lights. The heating only starts to work when the sun's rays can no longer heat the office to the desired temperature and the ventilation automatically ensures a regulated exchange of air. This ensures a pleasant workplace for the employees and saves costs at the same time. If, for example, a light bulb breaks, this is immediately displayed on the dashboard and it can be replaced immediately. This quick overview of all mechanical systems enables building performance to be increased. By recognizing anomalies, minimizing failures and quickly rectifying faults, the building receives added value that is worthy of the future.
myGEKKO Building Intelligence is flexible and future-proof
Just as the demands and requirements on a building change over time, so do the technical possibilities. myGEKKO is platform and manufacturer independent. This makes it both future-proof and flexibly expandable. The open system already offers the possibility of providing an uniform interface for apps such as Getoffice. As a result, the entire building is networked even better and both comfort and efficiency are increased. myGEKKO Building Intelligence is constantly developing and is always one step ahead.

Ready for the future with myGEKKO
The existing solution combines all systems in a building. It's only a matter of time before further technical milestones become suitable for everyday use. For instance, we can imagine using cleaning robots in the near future. With myGEKKO Building Intelligence, every building is ideally prepared for this today. For example, the above-mentioned cleaning robots on a floor with several toilet facilities can be called via myGEKKO. Toilet facilities should be cleaned daily, but not unnecessarily when they may not be used. If the people counter in the toilet system has detecteda certain number of people, it passes the information on so that the system can be cleaned. Efficiency and cost savings are implemented every day, even in the smallest area.

myGEKKO Building Intelligence starts the future of facility management today. Ready to join? Then contact us at 0474 830469 or write an email to hello@my-gekko.com - we'll be happy to advise you
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