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Smart Home - a paradise for parents and children

Living in a smart home not only brings a number of advantages for the parents, but also for the children. An intelligent house supports and protects your children equally and ensures a feeling of well-being for all family members.
A day in the life of a child in a smart home could look like this:
myGEKKO offers the possibility of letting various scenarios happen at certain times. So your child will be gently woken up in the morning by automatically raising the roller blinds in the children's room at 7:00 a.m. and playing their favorite song from the music system. This allows everyone to start the day relaxed and without stress.

After breakfast, we start school. The child does not need to take a key with them, as access to the house is by fingerprint. A Mifare RFID reader is used for this, which meets the latest and highest security requirements. This variant prevents keys from being lost, the child's entry code being passed on unintentionally and unintentional access by strangers.

When your child comes back home, it can be easily operated using the myGEKKO display controller SLIDE. The simple touch operation, the flexible configuration and the clear presentation make it easier for every user to use. Your child immediately understands that the light bulb is the sign of light and can switch on the light independently so that they can see better when doing their homework. The clef for the music or the small thermometer for the ideal temperature can also be easily recognized. Children recognize symbols long before they can read and write. This makes the myGEKKO usable even for the youngest.

myGEKKO user interface on the display controller Slide 2
You have to do something for a short time and activate your own personal scenario “Child lock” at myGEKKO. This scenario takes electrical devices such as a washing machine, dryer or stove off the grid and they are only switched on again when they are needed. This prevents your children from switching on the devices and injuring themselves.

Even if your children are at home alone or there is an emergency, myGEKKO supports you and your children. The myGEKKO SLIDE has quick control buttons, on which certain functions can be configured. An example would be a quick access that automatically calls the number of mom, dad, grandma or grandpa. As a result, the child does not have to remember a phone number and is able to contact someone quickly and easily, even without their own smartphone. This also applies to the video intercom on the front door. When someone rings the bell, your child can see who is at the door and communicate with them. This ensures that your child does not let strangers into the house.

Shortly before bedtime, the children can play on the PC or watch TV. So that you do not lose track of time, the devices are automatically disconnected from the network after a certain time. So you have the consumption time under control and the "5 more minutes" discussions are done.

In order to guarantee your children a good night's sleep, you can set up a scenario with the myGEKKO SLIDE that disconnects all or certain sockets from the mains at night and disconnects the Internet connection. This significantly reduces radiation exposure and your child gets the undisturbed sleep that they deserve.

With myGEKKO, not only you, but also your children can benefit from your Smart Home to the maximum. From getting up to bedtime, myGEKKO supports you and your children in all everyday
situations and thereby improves the quality of life of all family members.

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