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Go, live outside - myGEKKO manages the rest

At first glance, the idea of an ideal lifestyle is like a paradox: We want to get out into nature, experience adventure, play sports and enjoy the fresh air. Nevertheless, we want a perfect home that does as little work as possible and adapts perfectly to our wishes and needs. These two components cannot be combined? They can, because myGEKKO makes it possible.
It doesn't matter how long you leave the house. Whether for a short walk or a quick tennis match or longer activities such as a day trip, a sailing trip, an extensive hike or a short vacation: thanks to myGEKKO, the house adapts perfectly to all conditions and you can look forward to an ideal wellness experience at home.

Because while you're on the go, the garden is automatically watered, for example. This not only saves time, but also ensures that the lawn does not burn in summer due to the strong sunshine. The weather station connected to myGEKKO shares the data collected with the irrigation system and both work perfectly hand in hand.

The weather station also ensures that you don't experience any nasty surprises on the windows when you get home. Short summer showers are not uncommon, especially in summer, and can cause unplanned window
cleaning. In this case, the roller shutters are lowered in time. The shading also interacts with the temperature control of the individual rooms. If the comfort temperature is exceeded due to the sun's rays, the shutters
are automatically lowered again. This ensures the desired temperature without wasting resources. The air conditioning system is only used if the temperature is too high despite the shading. This is not only efficient, but also saves costs.

myGEKKO is also the perfect house sitter. It simulates the presence of a person in the house by moving the blinds up and down or switching lights on and off. In addition, thanks to the myGEKKO Web App, you always have control over whether everything is in order in your house. If the alarm system is triggered, you will be informed immediately by phone or SMS and can react as quickly as possible. The Live Web App also enables fast and uncomplicated remote access to your system from your smartphone or tablet. So you not only have control over the current state of your house, but you can also control the myGEKKO manually.

After an exciting and eventful day, you can then return to the house perfectly adapted to your wishes. The door opens with your fingerprint, which eliminates the need to carry a keychain and prevents it from being lost.
myGEKKO recognizes which family member opens the door and adjusts itself to it: the door opens, your favorite music plays and the lights come on in the entrance area. The blinds automatically move up again and you
come to a home that was just waiting for you. So go outside and enjoy the day, because you don't have to worry about the house in any way - thanks to myGEKKO!

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