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CO2 savings always in focus at Krauss Kommunikation GmbH

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In addition to comfortable working conditions, myGEKKO Building Intelligence also manages the self-generated solar energy at this company.
Elektrohaus Brenner realised this amazing project in Herrenberg.
The building we are talking about is an office building?
MORITZ BRENNER: This is the headquarters of Krauss Kommunikation GmbH An established Herrenberg company for marketing and advertising in the Stuttgart region.

What size are we talking about?
650 square metres

What did you use to give the building the necessary boost into the future?
The 80 kilowatt peak of the photovoltaic system generates around 82,000 kilowatt hours of green electricity during the year. A considerable amount. Two battery accumulators, each with a capacity of 13 kilowatt hours, ensure that sufficient self-generated electricity is available at all times for all functional processes in the building. The rooms are heated by an air-water heat pump. It provides the heat for the underfloor heating. Incidentally, the textile tubes on the ceiling, which cannot be explained at first glance, are a cooling system. So the company has a stable and pleasant working climate even in the hot summer months. Electric mobility is also implemented in the network. The two wallboxes, each with a charging capacity of 22 kilowatts, naturally also draw on the company's electricity quota.

What is the role of myGEKKO?

myGEKKO controls and optimises the entire electrical engineering. The lighting, the shading, the alarm system, the individual temperature, the energy manager, the access control, the electric mobility...

Does myGEKKO take CO2 savings into account?
Yes, thanks to the combination and the intelligent energy management of photovoltaics, battery storage, heating/cooling and e-mobility. All systems are intelligently connected via myGEKKO, which significantly increases the energy savings of the building. Green electricity equals less CO2.
How does myGEKKO realise the intelligent energy flow?
myGEKKO controls specific consumption points as soon as it registers that the photovoltaic system is producing enough electricity. Then, for example, the heating buffer is heated with a high percentage of the system's own electricity. It works the same way with wallboxes. If there is enough time, the surpluses are directed to the car via the energy manager.

Can the user view the energy monitoring at any time?
Of course, whenever he wants: solar production, the power supply of the photovoltaic system, the current consumption in the house, the state of charge of the battery system.

How much energy is saved per year thanks to this management?
At 82,000 kilowatt hours, the building generates significantly more energy than it consumes during the year. Only about 5,000 kilowatt hours are taken from the grid - despite heating/cooling by two heat pumps. This corresponds to a self-sufficiency rate of more than 80%. Excess electricity - around 60,000 kilowatt hours - is fed into the grid in return for compensation.


Photos: Andreas Sporn

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