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How the house informs you

Sensors are measuring probes which capture temperature, humidity and pressure and convert the values in electronic signals. It can be said that they are the “eyes” and “ears” of the Smart Home. The smart sensors detect if a window is open, if the ambient air is bad, if the air humidity is too high or if someone is moving in the room.

Measuring ranges

Temperature & humidity

Responsible for your well-being

A good air quality, a cosy warmth and an optimal humidity are very important for health, well-being and liveability. The reliable temperature sensor measures the temperature in every room and sends the data to the myGEKKO Slide. When the temperature exceeds or falls below a predefined value, the heating or the air conditioning is turned on automatically. Thanks to the accurate detection of the relative humidity with the room climate sensors, myGEKKO controls the ventilation ensuring an optimal room climate.

Ceiling sensor

Perform a reliable measurement of temperature and humidity inside the house with the myGEKKO ceiling sensor. Thanks to its puristic design, the sensor is practically invisible and can be easily installed in any given room.

Cable sensor

The myGEKKO cable sensor is an accurate and waterproof sensor which detects the room and the floor temperature and is also suitable for outdoor applications.

Movement and presence

Only when you are present

Basically, a motion sensor or a presence detector works like a switch, with the difference that you don’t have to control it: the lights for example turn on automatically. These sensors provide the myGEKKO important information for the automation of several functions. For example for the activation of the basic lighting, the heating and the shutters when you arrive at home. For an intelligent integrated alarm system a motion sensor is a must. The presence detector also measures the brightness in the room. This gives you the possibility to control the lights automatically and save energy at the same time. 

Ceiling sensor

The ceiling sensor has a 360 degrees angle for a seamless detection and a detection range which can reach a diameter of 10 meters. This is one of the most important sensors of the intelligent networked home and forms the basis for the automation of the different features, such as lighting, alarm or heating. 

Wall motion sensor

Thanks to its detectors and a high-resolution lens, the Raumbus wall motion sensor myGEKKO with white matt design records even the slightest movements with a detection angle of 180°. It can be used for the presence- and daylight-dependent lighting control. 


The most important indicator of air quality

Studies suggest that people feel well inside a room as long as the CO² concentration remains under 0,1%, but begin to feel quite uncomfortable when the concentration exceeds 0,2 %. The smart sensors measure the carbon dioxide concentration in the air and ensure a constant supply of fresh air.

Ceiling sensor

The myGEKKO ceiling sensor measures the carbon dioxide concentration in the indoor air, allowing a need-oriented and energy efficient ventilation control.   


Avoid potential risks

In daily life there are many hidden dangers. The smart myGEKKO sensors can eliminate some of them. For example, the system checks if there are gas or water leaks and alerts you immediately. And the networked smoke alarm can even save lives. 

Smoke alarm

With its measurement system, the smoke alarm detects smoke safely and reliably and triggers an alarm in case of danger. 

Window- and door-contacts

Window- and door-contacts detect open windows and doors at the first go. This allows the implementation of many safety and energy saving functions. The contacts can be integrated in the heating or in the single room control and can help you to reduce energy costs. As regards safety, they immediately activate the video surveillance and the alarm system when an open window is detected. 

Weather data

Private weather forecast

The forecast data of the weather station can help you to save energy and increase the living comfort. The weather sensor provides the myGEKKO important information for the optimization of the heating temperature and the shutter control. Closing the shutters, the rooms are protected from hail, storms and excessive sunlight. The brightness sensor allows the automatic sweveling of the slats according to sun position, the opening and closing of the shutters and the activation of the heating and the ari conditioning.

Weather station

The myGEKKO weather station measures temperature, wind speed and brightness (sun from east, south or west) and detects the rainfall. The weather station sends the currently recorded weather data, date and time once every second.
You can connect the myGEKKO weather station to the myGEKKO domotic system directly or using a RIO module.


Reduce energy costs

With the myGEKKO energy counter you have the entire energy, current and voltage consumption under control; in addition, you have the possibility to react to it and save a lot of energy. myGEKKO distributes the available current needs-oriented to the different household appliances. From the e-car up to the heating system and the kitchen equipment.

Energy counter M-Bus

The three-phase energy counter M-Bus is directly integrated in the myGEKKO domotic system and records data like energy, current, voltage and effective power. This results in substantial energy savings. 

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