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How it works

The myGEKKO Slide is the central control unit of your connected home, but we also offer a wide range of smart and exclusive additional products which will help you to adapt your home to your needs.

Control options

Manual control

A natural gesture

You arrive home and turn on the light: by hand. Since electric light has found its way into our households, this has become a natural gesture for everyone. Despite technical progress, this gesture remains the most popular method for the activation of actions inside the house. 

myGEKKO button

The frameless RAUMBUS button has 8 key functions and is equipped with an integrated temperature sensor for the single room control. Furthermore, each key function has two status LEDs which can also be used as orientation nightlights. The buttons are touch-sensitive and ensure a quick reaction of lights and the shutters. You can assign the different functions to the buttons as you prefer, and change your mind whenever you want.


Gone are the days when three shutters required the installation of six switches. Now you can control all the functions of a room with just one myGEKKO Raumbus push-button, from the shading system up to the lights and the surround system. The myGEKKO multifunctional button is available in white, black and anthracite and can be flush-mounted or surface installed.

Conventional switches via button interface

With the myGEKKO RAUMBUS button interface, you can integrate any type of buttons and switches in the myGEKKO system. The button interface is a sort of adapter plug which can be connected to every switch box thanks to its compact design.

Your personal assistant

The display and the access keys of the myGEKKO Slide are equipped with the capacitive touch technology. This way, the control of heating, ventilation, shadowing and lights becomes even easier and more intuitive. All the systems of the house can be controlled and optimized centrally. 

Control with fingerprint

A simple touch is enough

Unlock the smartphone, open the car or the front door with the fingerprint. These actions have become usual gestures for many. You now have the possibility to activate functions at home in the same way. 


The fingerscanner is the easiest and safest way to open a door. Integrating the fingerprint reader in the myGEKKO building automation system, you will not only open doors, but also use a wide range of additional features. The fingerprint reader can trigger a series of actions, like the light switching, the lowering of the heating system or the opening of the blinds.

Control with smart card


The acronym RFID stands for "radio-frequency identification" and means "identification through electromagnetic waves". You will no longer need a heavy bunch of keys to open doors and gates. Unlike mechanical door locks, the electronic locking systems are opened by means of an electric signal. This signal can be only triggered by authorized persons with a programmed chip. The reader installed next to the door lock reads the user data and compares them with the stored data. If they correspond, the door opens automatically. 

Smart card reader

The myGEKKO smart card reader controls the opening of front doors, apartment doors or garage gates and allows only authorized persons to enter. You decide who can enter the house and when. The cleaning personnel comes every Tuesday between eight and nine? Program an access card which gives them access only at the agreed time.

Voice command

The power of the voice

The voice is a powerful communication medium for humans. Communication stands for the exchange of information between a sender and one or more receivers. In this case, you are the sender and your home is the receiver. You can control the house using voice commands. Because voice rules.

Indoor call station

Welcome your guests in an elegant way. Use the advanced features of the myGEKKO door call stations. They offer a comfortable communication and increase safety in the entrance area thanks to the integrated camera.

Outdoor call station

The myGEKKO outdoor call stations with VOIP function and HD camera are equipped with one or two call buttons and offer a high audio and video quality. 


Send voice commands via the cloud-based voice service Alexa; myGEKKO will execute them autonomously.

Control via mobile phone

The entire house in the pocket

Following the actual trend, myGEKKO now offers you the possibility to control your home appliances via smartphone or tablet. Turn the lights off, lower the heating, close the shutters. You always have your home under control - even when you’re not there.

Home Bundle

Activate your myGEKKO remote access. This allows you to monitor your home and execute actions, in real time, from everywhere and with every web browser. Furthermore you will get several useful additional services such as the dispatch of alarm and text e-mails and the weather forecast with up-to-date weather data, recalled directly from the myGEKKO server. The bundle also includes the myGEKKO Plus Caller service, which informs you with a phone call in case of activation of the alarm system!

Compatible with any given mobile phone or tablet

The intuitive web interface of the myGEKKO is platform-independent and can be controlled with any smartphone, tablet or PC.

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