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What you can control

Actuators can put a lot in motion.The myGEKKO Home System turns the lights off and on, opens and closes the shutters and activates the music system. While the sensors send the data to the central unit, the appliance switches, i.e. the actuators, execute the commands.The commands are transmitted directly to lamps, shutters or other electrical appliances.

Fields of action


Useful, stylish, customized

In a Connected Home, the implementation of a lighting control means much more than just turn the lights on to see better. The illumination can be perfectly adapted to the individual expectations and needs. An optimal, intelligent illumination increases comfort, creates a pleasant atmosphere and can also reduce the global lighting costs.

About RIO

myGEKKO uses the proprietary hard-wired RIO IO modules for the lighting control. The main characteristics of the RIO modules are the simple bus cabling and the quick assembly. They allow the switching of almost all loads of the household. 

Lighting control via Raumbus

Raumbus is a KNX-based installation concept with focus on cable-saving wiring and simple configuration. The communication between the myGEKKO and the Raumbus system takes place via a Raumbus gateway. 

Lighting scenes with DMX

DMX is a standard protocol for lighting engineering. The DMX control is based on a signal which controls the lamps. The main application purpose is the RGB and light temperature control. The myGEKKO is connected to DMX directly via interface, therefore it can be used for the control of the system.

Light dimming with DALI

DALI is an independent system which is able to store the data of different lighting scenarios and despatch status and error messages. From simple switching and dimming up to light curves, constant light control and mood lighting, you can configure the illumination directly on the myGEKKO Slide. 


Digital shading systems ensure comfortable living

With a digital shading system you can create the ideal lighting comfort in every room. A daylight deflection system for example conveys the daylight into the building without dazzle. At the same time, the digital controlled blinds or shutters prevent a high heat input and create a sense of well-being. In combination with a weather station it is possible to set a configuration on the myGEKKO which closes the shutters in case of rain, protecting the windows.

About RIO

The myGEKKO RIO modules allow the central cabling of the shading elements via system distributors. The shade drives can be switched separately, therefore, this is a very safe installation system.


Raumbus is a peripheral unit designed for the control of standard shade drives. This installation system allows a flexible connection and expansion at any time. 

About SMI

SMI (Standard Motor Interface) is a unified interface between the control units and the sun blind drives. SMI drives are available for outdoor and indoor applications, e.g. for blinds, sun blinds and shutters. These elements can be perfectly adapted with the myGEKKO and controlled easily thanks to the uncomplicated SMI technology.


Individual comfort temperature

The optimal heating temperature can be achieved with a smart heating control which considers e.g. the data of the weather forecast. The myGEKKO Slide monitors the weather data. When the outdoor temperature drops below a predefined value, the heating turns on automatically to maintain a cosy warmth inside the house. The users can adapt the heating to their individual daily routine, e.g. to lower the heating in the daytime, when the family isn’t at home and create a cosy warmth in the evening, when the family meets for dinner.

Heating control via RIO

myGEKKO offers you a complete control of your heating. From the heating in the basement up to the single rooms in the living area, everything can be comfortably controlled with the myGEKKO Slide. 


Always fresh air

In very compact living areas, the exchange between indoor and outdoor air is considerably reduced. The controlled room ventilation ensures enough fresh air inside your house and the well-being of your family.
With myGEKKO, you can switch the room ventilation on and off automatically with timers or an air quality sensor. In addition, you can integrate the ventilation in scenarios and turn it off e.g. when you leave the house.

Decentralized ventilation

Ventilation systems can easily be integrated in the myGEKKO building automation system and perfectly adapted to the other appliances. The heating system, the humidity sensors and the decentralized ventilation system are connected with the controller, which automatically sets the ideal air conditions.

Central ventilation

Central ventilations consist in a central ventilator which works at different stages. Exhaust air vents are installed in the single rooms, connected to the central ventilation unit by means of a duct system. The ventilator can be comfortably controlled with the myGEKKO Slide. 


Only authorized persons

You decide how to use the access control installed in your house. With fingerprint, chip or key - with myGEKKO everything is possible. In addition, you can use the myGEKKO Slide as a video call station. The access control system offers the highest safety standards and is user friendly.

Access authorization

With the myGEKKO access system you can open and lock the front door or the garage gate with a chip card, a key or a finger. In addition, you can close all the doors automatically at a certain time and you don’t have to wonder anymore if the doors are locked.

Network camera

The network camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and offers an all round protection of your home. With the video surveillance you can access different cameras and keep your home under control. In combination with an outdoor call station, you can use the myGEKKO Slide as video call station.

Electric car

Charging station

With the intelligent Slide & Drive charging management of myGEKKO you are always well informed about your car and your home. You can check the energy data, monitor the device status and display the weather forecast - comfortably sitting on your couch or underway.

Electric mobility at home

Besides several installation systems and functions, it is possible to integrate also electric cars in the myGEKKO system. With myGEKKO you can perfectly manage the charging process of your e-car according to solar radiation, load configurations of the household and electricity tariffs.


Only an intelligent networked system can be efficient

The different modules of the smart myGEKKO security system are focused on different aspects and offer countless possibilities for the property surveillance. The integration of window and door contacts, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, lights and shutters by means of the central display and control unit of the myGEKKO Slide ensures a comprehensive and customer-tailored burglary protection.

Alarm system

The myGEKKO security system triggers an alarm signal that warns you of possible dangers. The intelligent linkage of the smart myGEKKO safety package can activate the warning siren in several scenarios, e.g. in case of burglary or gas leakage.

Alarm caller

The myGEKKO Plus services offer you additional features and possibilities for your myGEKKO. One of these services is the myGEKKO Plus Caller service, which informs  you with a phone call in case of activation of the alarm system.

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